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I Got Yet Another New Track For You Guys!


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Spent some time last night and today writing out a new piece of music. It's a pretty heavy classic rock style song. I decided to throw in a wah solo on this one that makes use of the distortion/gain boost on my Slash wah.


Here it is: http://soundcloud.com/tman5293/watch-out/


Let me know what you think. This one's a little different so some opinions/critics on it would be greatly appreciated.


Enjoy! msp_cool.gif

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The first bit is very Clutch sounding, the next, very Van Halen sounding to me...but you need work with your timing. Bust out that metronome or a drum track d00d. Tone sounds nice though and overall nice playing.


Thanks! Great advice too. I have a metronome...........................but based on my calculations it probably has about 5 years worth of dust on it...........................msp_unsure.gif


Yes it did.


Oh well, I'd rather play guitar than a video game anyway. msp_biggrin.gif

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That's a cool track, right up my alley.


You need to use a drum loop so you can get it to sound like a full track.


The sound and playing is really good [thumbup]

What I really need is a real drummer. msp_flapper.gif Thanks! msp_thumbup.gif


Great Job, I love that lead!


Thanks! msp_thumbup.gif

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Me too! [thumbup]


Very tastey and passionate playing!





I like that you put yourself out there. Get that timing down and your going to flourish.BTW Battlefield 3 is the first game I have ever pre-ordered. Can't wait !



sounds great


Thanks! msp_thumbup.gifmsp_thumbup.gifmsp_thumbup.gif

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