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Strap Locks for SG Bass


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So far only mod I need to do on my new SG Bass Std is to add some strap locks to avoid any potential issues when gigging out.


what do you guys out there use ?


I normally use schallers, and this would make sense on the SG as the pin is on the back of the body BUT I am a bit worried the longer screw might be an issue.


ideas ?

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I used Dunlops long ago but i didn't like that they came off the body at the attachment point. I had a Ken Smith that had them countersunk - that's the way to do it IMO, but who's going to?


I made Schaller my lock of choice and all my basses and straps are set up with them, making strap switching much more convenient.


Back in the day it seemed the original screws were always bigger than the Schallers, either diameter or head. I've found lately that more often than not the original screw fits into the button.

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well... i fitted them today ... and it involved 4 guitars...


here's what happened.


1: The schaller pins I tried with the original screw where nickel and dull (corroded etc) so i didnt want them on my shiny new bass


2: I took a new looking set of my washburn n4 and put a dunlop set on the washburn


3: the pins from the washburn didnt accept the original SG neck screw the hole was narrower for some reason.


4: So I took another schaller pin from a jass bass and swapped these over, as I could use a bigger screw on the J-bass.


5: finally borrowed a strap from my DC faded LP which i rarely use live and voila done !


normally I would have just used the screws which came with the schaller set, but I was a bit paranoid as the strap in is in the heel.

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First gig I played with the sg bass, didn't have anything on the front button, and it popped right off the strap mid song. Finished the song in some awkward posture until I could deal with it.


I thought about the special buttons, but I didn't want them poking me in the ribs while I play.


My solution: I have a piece of short shoelace tied to the strap and the heel button. On the front, I added one of those cheapo dunlop black plastic strap lock things. Works perfect. Never had a problem since. Strap stays on all the time now, even in the case.



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I had a peek and actually use the even cheaper, generic one.


As for them being a hassle, I just don't ever take the strap off. No real reason to. Never been a problem, and never having to worry or fuss with my strap is good for peace of mind and quick set up/tear down. :D


I just spread the strap out under the bass when it goes in the case. Fits fine. I think the bit of shoelace on the *** end helps. Wouldn't fit so good if the front button was on the horn like a fender- most of my other basses crush the strap in weird ways if I leave it on, so I still have to do the hooking up the strap dance every time I play them.

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well i answered my own question


the stock screw seems to work fine and go through the schaller pin end (tried one from another guitar)


for some reason I though the stock screws had bigger heads.


off I go to order a set !

Does your bass fit in the haed case with the strap locks installed?

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I have been using Dunlops on just about everything for a number of years. I'm lazy, so I never remove the strap once it's on the guitar or bass. They always fit back in the case with the locks, strap and everything.

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