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Replacing Pickguard on J-45 Help


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I am considering changing out the stock pickguards on my yamaha and possibly my j-45 (2007) as well. I assume i would need to cut out my own for the yamaha due to their long tip that extends to the neck. I assume it is rather difficult to cut a custom Tor-tis so I would just use a celluloid nitrate one, but I would like to use Tor-tis pickguard for my j-45. Is there a pre-cut J-45 pickguard I can buy? Will the standard martin d-45 or something fit with little to no shaping? If it does need a little shaping how hard is it usually? I've read several guides on replacing the pickguard throughout the internet and I'm just wondering if anyone can shed some advice on how easy it is, and what to expect etc. I would obviously practice on my yamaha first. Does the nitro-cellulose finish on the gibson pose any complications? Also if i wanted to reposition the guard so it doesn't cover the rosette would that cause any problems? I don't understand why all j-45 pickguards cover the rosette, is it some sort of signature thing? If anyone has any pics of their guitars with new tort-tis guards they put i would gladly appreciate to see them so I can help make a choice for the color to pick. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I want to replace the guard on the j-45 to look something like this j-45 with greven guard pic with maybe a shade lighter for material.

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Can I ask a dumb question? ok' date=' two dumb questions:


1. How do you get the old one off?

2. How do you stick the new one on?[/quote']


I used a hair drier. I started at the pointed end of the teardrop and moved the heat around a bit, not holding it steadily on the guard. Think SLOW. I was then able to get a fingernail under the pickguard and it slowly started to lift up. I was finaly abel to get my thumb and index finger on the point and I just put some LIGHT pressure on it while continuing to heat the next part that was still adhesed. It starts to come off more quickly until finally, voila", it's off. I then used some old, clean cotten sweatsocks and a can of Naptha and just cleaned all the old adhesive off. The new guard came with adhesive backing already on it, with a layer of protective paper over it. I placed it on the guitar where I wanted it then made a couple "hinges" with some paper tape so that when I lifted the new guard up, and laid it back down, it came back to the same place that I wanted it. After a couple practice "liftings" and replacings, I lifted it up, gently pulled off the protective paper and lowered the new pickguard down onto the guitar. It came to rest exactly where I originally placed it. I then took a cloth and pressed it down to the guitar. Warning! This is strong adhesive so when you touch it down to the wood, it's THERE, and isn't coming off, so be slow and sure. I think the whole process only took about a half hour. I got my batwing at Terrapin also.

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