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Lucille doesn't like effects pedals


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Epiphone Lucille is brand new out of the box,no mods,no adjustments,has factory strings still on it.

Plays nice for now although she needs some tweaking.

The problem with Lucille is that when using effects pedals(Bad Monkey/Digitech Delay)plugged straight into the amp

(Roland Cube 30X)she produces a loud hum,however if I plug her into the amp(no effects)she is very quite(no hum).

I have other guitars(Artcore,Tele,Strat and Hofner)that do not hum when using the same amp and effects pedals.

Seems Lucille does not take kindly to pedals,any other Lucille owners have this problem?

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Hmmmm, don't know about Epi "Lucille's," but my Gibson version has no "hum" problems,

and LOVES pedals! So...??? Pedals will accentuate normal hum levels, so maybe

it's there, already, but so low, you don't really notice it, until running through a

pedal? Is it on one pickup in particular, or even one or more settings on the

variton? Is it a "ground" hum? That, in particular, is a LOT more noticable,

with pedals, especially over-drive/distortion pedals. Check the 3-way

selector switch, too. They are sometimes "bad," in just one position.


Good Luck, tracing down the problem...and let us know, what you find




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