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Gibson es-335 block inlay with white binding?

Seu João

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Hello my friends,


Today a guy show me a photo of his Gibson es-335 block inlay, the guitar was wonderful. But, in one of those photos i could see one small thing that caught my attention, the guitar binding was white, not that "pinkish" white neither cream! Is this normal? I've never seen one of those... i have a printscreen of the photo and i'm adding it to this topic. Hope to hear what you guys have to say!


João Mota


post-35720-095351000 1316653639_thumb.jpg

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Trying to authenticate a guitar from just the pic of the frets is not a good idea.


It is easy to say that Gibson DID do something a certain way, but no one I think can garrentee that not a single Gibson model did not have a white binding on a 335.


The way the frets and binding look finished here would make me suspicious enough to want to see the rest, but not enough to quite say it is a fake.

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