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hummingbird pro - anyone had issues?


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Hey guys,

i have found a hummingbird pro on ebay in aus for roughly $1000. i dont know much about these guitars and was wondering if anyone has had any issues with them. it was purchased in the states about a month ago and then taken back to aus. if i go ahead it will be without playing and sight unseen. from what i can gather, they are lightly different from the normal humming bird, different neck scale and width. has anyone got one and what are your thoughts. i dont really need another guitar but lets face it... you cant have too many.




thanks for your time -Mick

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Mate, thats an excellent price for a HB Pro for Australia. Ive played one and found them to be very good, basically a mahogany Songwriter Deluxe. You also get a great pickup system with the Prefix Pro.


Only heard good reviews from others who bought one.


For that price Id jump on to it, plus you would have the honor of being one of the few or possibly only Aussie to own a HB Pro.


Just please keep in mind it will not sound like a traditional Hummingbird as its designed on the SWD body shape.


Good luck with it !

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