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Gibson Goldtone amp - I've got a strange one

mojo man

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I found Gibson Goldtone GA 15 RV but it has a dark brown fabric grill cover, not the gold metal one. THe size of the outer speaker hole is smaller than the ones with the metal grill and it is more deeply inset. There are no holes in the tolex so I don't think someone replaced the metal one with this. This particular amp has a Celestion Heritage speaker,which I'm guessing was put in later, instead of the Vintage 30. It also has a really thick dark brown leather strap attached by buckles at each end. One more quirk, the bright switch - the writing is above the switch, not below the switch but bright works in the down position, which is how it's supposed to work.


the sn is G10/150/400. According to the Gibson site, this means it was made in the 4th Quarter of 2000. But ones made in the previous year have the metal grill. It's very confusing.


Anyone know anything about this one?



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I have a Goldtone GA30RVS, (two 15 watt class A amps, 2x12s w/Gold speaker grill and a more boxy style cabinet. I think I got it like 04 (?) and I also think that year they were made in the USA not the UK (from the Trace Elliot acquisition) The 2x12 30 watters were great amps, excellent tone, insanely responsive (and loud) but not fun to move, has it's own center of gravity, 90+ lbs. UPS dropped the first one enroute, shattered in to little iddy biddy pieces. The 1x12 15 watt was also a great little tube amp. Too bad they're not made any longer.

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