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1974 Les Paul custom


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Heys guys.


Im new here and i just though you guys here would be able to help me. Ive just bought a 1974 Les Paul Custom and im planning on putting new pickups in it.


Im play mostley indie/funk/blues, plus the pickups need to able to do a bit of hillsong united stuff as well. I play kinda high gain i guess [confused] im not really sure what that term means. I guess u could say its kinda slash tone.


Ive been looking at the Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II for the neck and a Seymour Duncan '59 for the bridge. What do u guys think? Would this work in this guitar for my style? Im not open to any small made in china crap, im a purist =; ahahaha


I have about $600 to spend.


Thank in advance. Dylan.

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