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Small e string wont tune!!! help!!!


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[confused] Im kinda sick of these problems that ive had with my dark fire. But yes i know i havnt had it as bad as some of you guys.


Anyways, my e string decided it wouldn't tune the other day and ever since it still hasnt. I go to tune the strings and they all work (sometimes the g string flashes white) except the e string. It Makes a noise and turns very slightly, it sounds like its struggling. Ive tried the reset 109 code, and now ive taken the e string off and tried moving the tuning peg in "T" mode (i think its called) and yet the same noise happens and it does not move very far. Please help, thx :rolleyes:

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Here's the usaul checks for a non responsive string/robohead.


Remove the respective string.

align the tuners case to the black electronic box, use a 12 mm wrench for the hex nut.

tighten the hex nut at approx. 1.5 Nm torque.

restring and check.


Also, while the string is removed check that the string bar is slightly movable.





Good luck :)

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The string bar is the little individual bridge saddle shown in this pic. One for each string.

It should wiggle slightly when there's no string on it.





The black box is the CPU box between the tuners on the headstock.


The tuner case is the robohead tuner. Remove the tuner, clean the contacts and and align it properly before tightening. (approx. 1.5 Nm torque.)


I really recommend you join futureguitarnow. Thats where all the DF owners and experts are.


Good luck

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