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I'm old enough to state that I've been a fan of J.A. since they were current.............LOL!


My personal favourite has always been 'Sylvia' ever since I first heard it as a kid at high-school (It's also been my cell-phone ring-tone for years and years.....[blush]).


Interesting shot of the finger board at 2:50


So what's with the fretboard? Freaky!


What Gibson is he using in the first vid?


Taking these points in order;


Interesting shot of the position of the vol/tone knobs at 2:54!


The slanted treble-end fingerboard was a feature of the LP 'Personal', 'Professional' and 'Recording' guitars, in production since '69, and the larger 'horn' is also similar to that found on those models.


I suspect it may be a mixture of bits stuck together. There are a few anomalies...


The neck looks like that of a 'Personal' as it had the 'Custom'-sized block inlays on an ebony board. The 'Professional' had Traps and the blocks of the 'Recording' were smaller. Both of these models had rosewood 'boards in '73..


The body looks like one for any of the above EXCEPT all of those had the slanted, chrome-surround, plastic-covered low-impedance pickups which were mounted parallel to the (slanted) end of the neck. There is no visible alteration to the wood in this area which suggests it might have been made to order....:-k


Furthermore, all the above had one of a variety of plastic plates which carried some of the exotic jiggery-pokery that was a major feature of all these instruments. The guitar in the clip has the regular two-tone / two-vol knobs but, as I alluded to above, they are in the wrong places! Usually the treble pair are further forward whereas here it's the rhythm pairing which are foremost....


Finally, it has what appears to be a 'McCarty bridge' (one-piece bridge/stop-tail) unit as per the '53 - '56 Pauls.


So, a bit of an oddball. Jan Akkerman was not shy of mucking about with his guitars. He had an old Black Beauty into which he fitted a pair of (I believe) 'Filter-trons'.


If anyone has some knowledge of this guitar PLEASE post it soon ! ! ! ! ! !



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