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LP Showcase in Marietta, GA GC (Lots of R9's)

Dustin Parker

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Hey, I just thought anybody in the Atlanta, GA area might be interested in this. The Marietta, GA Guitar center is having a Les Paul Showcase next weekend, starting the 30th of this month. They will have over 100 USA Les Pauls, over 50 custom shops, about 15 R9's, including one with a bigsby in Bourbon Burst, 58's, 59's, slash appetites, VOS's, etc. It's pretty much the largest collection of high end, custom, and unique Les Pauls that you can find at one place at one time. You'll be able to actually try out 10 different 59's at once, and pick the one you want. It's an awesome opportunity to tryout and see high-end models for you to see which one you like best. Also, every model there is 10% off! Hope to see some of you there!

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