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Firebird Tuners

Tim Plains

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Never a problem with the tuners. Low ratio yes, problematic no,

As with all tuners, always tune up to your desired key...


Which I might add is a huge guitar noob mistake.


with many of the "why" won't my guitar stay in tune threads...


Hi Timmy ***

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I agree 100% with L5Larry and Master Axe, they stay in tune fine.

They are low-geared and can get stiff with age, but they don't slip.

They are heavy and klunky, though, but that's part of the Firebird "mystique."

Whoever at Gibson came up with the idea of using up their stock of obsolete banjo tuners probably never figured he was contributing to a legend!

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it seems like about every other string change if i tighten the small phillips screw on the banjo tuners, it stays in the ball park alot easier.

i think it's all about the stretching both behind the nut and behind the saddles as well as keeping the screws tight that makes it stay in tune better.

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