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Step 1) She always carries a tiny tracking transmitter with her.

Step 2) If an when she ever spots "Mr.WONDERFUL" again she quietly affixes it to the back of his car-(unless he arrived at the jam on a motor scooter) and trails him home to merely note his address.

Step 3) Next day she sends him the largest cactus plant she can find with a note reading

"YOU POSITIVELY GIVE ME PRICKLES ALL OVER" Signed only "With Puddles Of Purple Passion"

the note should be highly perfumed.

Step 4) Now she is driving him crazy trying to figure out who sent it. TiT for TAT is perfectly fine in this case.





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Suburude, what a fantastic picture that is! WOW! WOW! WOW! I'll bet Gil and Dave were pretty happy to meet Mr Nelson! I used to have a coat like that..... I wonder what happened to it? Anyway, THANK YOU for the pic..... clicked and saved!


Mooseguy, you know me too well LOL You must have found the transmitter I attached to your car?! I'll have to come up with another strategy..... an easy thing to do for a creative gal like myself mwahahahahaha

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With her Avitar name..(Gilligan Girl) one may expect to find her on an island after a "3 hour tour" with the Skipper' date=' Ginger, Mary Ann, The professor, Mr. & Mrs. Thurstan Howell III and the one and only Gilligan! They would have loved that boat! [/quote']


Close, TP, but check the spelling. It's Gillian, not Gilligan. They say the eyesight is the second thing to go. :-({|=/

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Gawd' date=' can you imagine a female version of Gilligan? Sheesh! I'd have to smoke more dope than Bob Denver ever did to bring that evening to fruition!


I'd rather grovel at Ginger's feet.


Actually I'd do that on a GOOD day.[/quote']


Gee, do you think this will now turn into another Ginger vs. Mary Ann thread?? Hmmmm.

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