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2 things happened over the weekend

Guest Farnsbarns

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Guest farnsbarns

I went to the pennines to play in a disc golf tournament. The course is in an "area of outstanding natural beauty", rightly so. I came second in my division (sounds great but last year I won it).


On the way there my friend and I stayed over in Manchester with his brother (lovely chap). He produced a 64 (going by the date stamped on the pickup) Hohner archtop with no blocks (properly hollow) the electrics had been removed although he still has them. The frets were level with the fingerboard above the 15th fret and it looked as if these had been filed down to correct buzz. The whole thing was knackered but the acoustic tone was fantastic. Strung with 13s or something pretty damned heavy it was a ***** to play and the neck was shaped like a banana and attached with 3 wood screws but I fell in love. He said I couldn't buy it but he would consider lending it to me indefinitely. Thing is I want to pop a p90 on it, an intonable bridge and get it refretted which I suspect will cost a lot more than it's worth. So what is it worth. I cannot find anything like it on the web and since it has been refinished I can't be sure it is actually made by Hohner, that's come from him. It was clearly a cheap guitar when it was made. It's a little like a 335 only with a single cut.

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Not sure what 'knackered out' means. But on 'indefinite loan'?


Old Hohners are like old Harmony's. They have a certain cult following. Loving tone is a subjectiv personal thing, so if it tickles your ear drum, that's fine.


But, a neck straightening and fret job, will cost more than the guitar is worth. Does it even have a truss rod?


Personally, I think it's throwing good money after bad. But it's your indefinitely loaned guitar, do as you wish.

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