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Gears Of War 3 advert lead me to this song by...


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I don't know if the advertising campaign is the same in the US, but here the new game has featured to mesmorising song by a singer called Mazzy Star. I think I like it too because it recalled the beautiful side to the Doors' Music [thumbup]



I was struck by this song as well, after seeing the TV ads in the UK a couple of weeks ago. The Doors similarity caught me immediately. A lot of the Doors music makes me very uncomfortable today--I can't sit down and listen to an entire album straight through, even though I have several on my ipod for traveling. I think it's because Morrison was a really troubled dude--and not in a particularly good way--and it really comes through in their music. It's funny, since I liked it a lot when it first came out--all the mystical imagery and strange instrumental voicings. Of course, that was the 60's. Today, a lot of it just seems.... weird and pretentious.


Saw the Doors in concert in the early fall of 1967--right after "Light My Fire"--and it was a pretty average concert. That's pretty typical of groups that were heavily engineered and mixed in the studio in a way that is impractical to replicate in live concert. The groups of that type who do the best live concerts are those that take a totally different tack from their recorded versions in concert, instead of doing a thin attempt at their studio versions.


I do like the simplicity and implicit darkness of the Mazzy Star clips here.

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