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If the VOS DBL CTY JR's are supposed to be like the real deal why are there so many inconsistencies. Number one complaint if the lack of the tortoise shell pickguard. That is a typical Gibson way of saving money as sheets of the material cost about $500 each. Next is the paint job. Mine is supposed to be TV Yellow but I see very little Yellow and allot of grain. Looking at a DBL CTY JR from the Custom shop from about 18 years ago they had the tortoise shell pickguard and the TV Yellow finish that looks like the finish on my 56 Special. The only difference is that stupid stamped serial number and Made In The USA. If Gibson could get the finish on my Custom single cty JR why couldn't they get it right on my Double CTY. I called Gibson and they wanted $1.500 to have it re-painted. Stupid as I only paid $1,400 used with all the paper that came with it. Maybe some one out there can explain Gibsons greed and the fact that every famous guitarist has a Gibson LP named after him. The funny part is Slash's Appetite LP wasn't even made by Gibson but buy a guy named MAX who made EX Gibson replicas. Can anyone see the irony of Gibsons overpriced guitars especially the Jimmy Page Custom that was stolen from him before Zep even existed and going for $25,000. Hey guys there is a recession going on and millions of people stand to loose everything they own and you have the nerve to charge these outrageous prices. Maybe when your CEOs start getting let go some justice will be had but until then lower your prices and stop buying parts from CHINA because these kids who save for years think they are getting a guitar made in the USA with parts made in the USA and not CHINA. Cheers,Rivets

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