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Should I replace my pickups on my SG?


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hey guys I have a sg special (not the faded model) and i've also replaced the 490T with the 498T in the bridge position.Great sound, awesome clarity and it gives emphasis in the hi mid range but keeping sg's tight low mid frequencies. The sound is not as bassy as it was with the 490t but its more clear and less dull.One friend of mine has the same sg model but with a sh-4 jb duncan on the bridge. The jeff beck has more power than the 498t as it has 2 Kohms at least more output contrasing with the 498t pickup but on the other hand the 498t has better clarity and retains the "rock" character of the sg instead of the more metal that sh-4 gives. In addition the seymour duncan through one of its technicians supports that jeff beck is great for alder body guitars(fender stratocaster) as it gives to the guitar fat mids and it doesn't become so trembly as it can be in mahogany body guitars.For sg they suggest the sh-5 custom which i think is a nice choice for it but it makes the sg to sound too metal.In my opinion if someone wants to play metal with a sg it has many many choices for the bridge (EMG 81-you can even play killswitch engage,sh-4,sh-5,) but for more punk/rock sound i would prefer an angus young pick up (or 498t) or a 57 plus classic which i think are huge solutions if you want this kind of sound.


thank you for you patience...!!

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