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That is a very good deal, in my opinion...but I would be suspicious.

Make sure all the electronics work and that it doesn't have a repair of some sort...like a neck repair.

Keep in mind, you can buy a brand new Robot LP for $1,700...but then again, those are the original ones.

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Great deal!! Either someone really needs money fast or its a rip... Ask for photos with something unique in the picture to make sure he really has the guitar or better yet go see it in person and play it... but do it fast, if its for real it wont be there long...

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Here's the seller response after I sent him an Email this morning..


From: Adams Baker [adams_baker@live.com]

RE: GIBSON LES PAUL ROBOT GUITAR - RG # 0031, #31 W EXTRAS - $1550 (sacramento)



The guitar is in great condition and the price I`m selling it for is $1550, which is including all shippings charges.

I live in Sacramento but I`m currently working in the UK (Manchester) and I`ll be staying here for the next approximately 7 months, anyway I`m using MoneyBookers services so I can sell this guitar without difficulty. I left it at their warehouse before leaving to the UK. They will take care of the delivery with a 14-day return policy so you will have the chance to inspect it before final decision.

If you want to purchase it, let me know and I will explain you how MoneyBookers works and how we can move forward.

I am waiting your email.




So guys what do you think?

Maybe it's time to make fun of this FREAKIN A HOLE?

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that is a response that follows all of the usual traits for a spammer

away on vacation' date=' or work ect, will pay for shipping, ect ect


save yourself some heart break, ignore the fxcker, and use his email adress to get some "free ring tones"




+1 that's a good one.

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