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Here's the seller response after I sent him an Email this morning..


From: Adams Baker [adams_baker@live.com]

RE: GIBSON LES PAUL ROBOT GUITAR - RG # 0031, #31 W EXTRAS - $1550 (sacramento)



The guitar is in great condition and the price I`m selling it for is $1550, which is including all shippings charges.

I live in Sacramento but I`m currently working in the UK (Manchester) and I`ll be staying here for the next approximately 7 months, anyway I`m using MoneyBookers services so I can sell this guitar without difficulty. I left it at their warehouse before leaving to the UK. They will take care of the delivery with a 14-day return policy so you will have the chance to inspect it before final decision.

If you want to purchase it, let me know and I will explain you how MoneyBookers works and how we can move forward.

I am waiting your email.




So guys what do you think?

Maybe it's time to make fun of this FREAKIN A HOLE?

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that is a response that follows all of the usual traits for a spammer

away on vacation' date=' or work ect, will pay for shipping, ect ect


save yourself some heart break, ignore the fxcker, and use his email adress to get some "free ring tones"




+1 that's a good one.

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