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Epiphone SG Jam Video

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Cool vid [thumbup] Nice chilled out vibe..diggin' it.


I love my g400 too, except when mine talks to me it urges me to plug it into the biggest Marshal available and turn up the gain until it snarls like an angry wolf, and then play like theres no tomorrow.

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Very nice!


I love my Epi G400 too! Such a beautiful guitar.


I also have a really sweet Gibson SG Standard that is phenomenal. ... but I enjoy my G400 just as much.


Check out my Epi vs. Gibson SG video on YouTube sometime. Not a be-all-end-all comparison or anything.... but its still fun. : )


BTW while listening to your very nice sounding clip... there was a show about space on TV and they were showing galaxies and nebulas. .. and your music was just perfect for it! It was pretty cool.


Nice clip.... thanks for posting. : )

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Cool jam, JG ... I've always though that humbuckers and Fender amps go together like "peas and carrots"!


There is just something so good looking about an SG, isn't there? It looks classic and dangerous at the same time. Ever since I first became aware of them at the tender age of 13 (see album cover below), I knew it was a special instrument ...




My Walnut '66 G400 is a big part of my guitar "rotation" and one I will never part with.



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