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So today really had a purpose....


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So today was pretty much a 'nothing' day until about 6:00. I was feeling like crap for many reasons. Been in a funk for a while. For reasons I won't bother going into here, the girl I've been seeing (and hopelessly in love with BTW) split up a month or so ago. Not 'us' issues, just things she needs to sort out from a past abusive relationship... she pretty much shut everyone out of her life, me included. I've been hanging on in the shadows, hoping someday we can get it together.


I digress but it will come together.


We exchanged dozens of texts yesterday because of having to put Bud down. We don't communicate otherwise... it's been quiet for a month. So late this afternoon we began a text-fest, her checking on my mental state and whatnot. All of a sudden a frantic phone call from her. Her son's dog and/or neighbor's dog ate some rat poison. I googled it quickly, ran out the door, stopped and bought two bottles of peroxide and flew to her son's trailer, breaking several traffic laws and abusing a 30 year old Ford pickup. We forced both dogs to drink some of the peroxide and they both puked. Her son's dog puke was just foam; the other dog puked up grass, dog food, and a good handful of the little blue pellets.


The dog owner is taking a chance that the pellets didn't have time to do any damage but that's his call, I can't control what he does.


I left and she has been texting me non stop expressing her appreciation and promising a home cooked meal.


A good day after all.

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No idea. I talked to the vet myself. She confirmed the peroxide/puke thing and also that the dog should be checked and given vitamin K for some time. His call though; out of my control.


Wholly unrelated but it came to pass tonight that Miss L's ex boyfriend wants to get rid of their female black lab. It was Miss L's dog too of course, prior to them breaking up 3 years ago and him booting her onto the street. She was/is frantic because she lives in an apartment. I know the dog, I think she's wonderful, I just lost MY dog, and I live less than a half mile down the road. And Miss L can come visit any time she wants. I get a nice dog and common ground for Miss L and me.


Unsure if it will really happen but I left the door open...figuratively anyway.

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Great thinking I would not have known what to do in a case like that now I do.We have 3 dogs and a big back yard for them to roam around in and they are constantly trying new things to chew up back there.Cant always see what they are doing but sometimes they come in looking like something is bothering them.If they look bothered enought first well try a gasX tablet and go from there.Again thanks for saving two doggies from a very painfull way to go.

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Every day has a purpose, we just don't always see it.


Everyone has a purpose, we just don't always know what it is.


Great job KS Daddy........And now,


" The Porpoise Driven Life "






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Good job on the dogs Scott. [thumbup]


If the blue pellets were the rat poison, and they were still in pellet form, it is unlikely the dog's digestive system absorbed much warfarin.


Vitamin K is abundant in green leafy vegetables. Have them push broccoli, spinach and such. Don't know about these dogs but all dogs I have come into contact with love fresh veggies. I don't know for a fact, but I suspect most "health food" stores will probably have some preparation containing copious amounts of Vitamin K. Probably will be cheap enough for even the stingiest of dog owners.



Maybe treat the Ford to a tank of Ethyl next fill up. ;)


I do suspect the dogs will be a bit skittish around brown bottles for a while.

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