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Cheers again.



Tom, I had an R6 and sold it. Great sounding guitar but I'm a humbuckers guy.


R7BB or '68RI? I don't know, it's really a toss up. Other than the maple/no maple top and pots/caps, they're the same guitar. Both of mine are 2010s and both have the same neck profile. R7s can be lighter since there's no maple and '68s probably tend to be the heaviest reissues Gibson makes. My R7 is 8.7 lbs, the '68 is 9.4. The dealer who sold me the '68 said it's the lightest he's had in years. My R7 has that typical warmer all mahogany tone but I've played several others that were bright sounding.



Thanks for the info. I am leaning towards the '57 more than the '68 due to it being all mahogany.

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