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A complex SG Question

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What is the main difference between buying a Gibson SG 61 Reissue and simply slapping a Vibrola on it and getting this... Gibson Custom SG Standard with Maestro VOS Electric. The 61 Reissue is half the price but what differs from the Custom Shop Model? I already got a Gibson SG Standard with a Vibrola on it (and i love the way it sounds) but i also like the looks and sounds of the older 61 Reissue Guitar then i saw the VOS looked exactly the way i wanted but what sets it apart?

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If you want to get technical, a lot. The body and neck contours on the 61 are close, but not authentic. The hardware is made from zink, electronics are significantly different, the finish isn't even close, etc. The reissue is just that, a reissue, not a vintage spec recreation. The reissue uses a lot of modern day parts/electronics. All the pieces found on a VOS has been fabricated from original parts.


For all intensive purposes, if you don't want the feeling of buying an instrument identical to the original, then it probably doesn't matter.

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Both Guitars seem a little too light i have 57 Classic in neck and Burstbucker 3 bridge... my SG Did have the 57 Classic combo but didn't like the output of the bridge pickup... I might put 498T, 500T, Burstbucker 3, Angus Young Sig PU something along those lines. Something Rock and Roll sounding. Might go look at some Seymour Duncans as well.

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