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Has anyone heard of a band called Self? The wrong bands are making it these days.


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When I was in high school, I was introduced to a band called "Self". They're from Nashville, TN and the music is one of the weirdest combinations of Powerpop, Grungy Alternative, Hip-hop, and samples.


Their biggest hit was probably "Trunk fulla Amps", but I preferred the album "Subliminal Plastic Motives", which resembled the sound of Weezer's Blue Album.


We always thought that Self would break into the mainstream, but it just never happened. However, Matt Mahaffey (Who actually recorded all the instruments and wrote the songs) is starting to become a big-time producer.



Anyways, I just thought you guys might enjoy checking out this hidden treasure. Check out their music at:








Let me know if you have any questions about these guys! Peace ya'll..



TJ of Doppler


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"I know when I started I would have been happy to sound like the Beatles or Joe Tex or whoever. You want to sound like most bands, you want to sound like their records and that's how you learn your chops."


- Jon Anderson of Yes

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