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Help Can Anyone Date My SG


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Hi All

I'm new to this forum (suppose I should have posted in the introduce yourself section) only found you today.

My name is Paul and I am the proud owner of a Gibson SG which Inherited from my brother inlaw who was unfortunately killed 4 years ago.

Its a lovely guitar, it has a few war wounds but nothing major, I believe the colour is Tobacco sunburst or something similar.

It is stamped Made In USA and has the serial number 80815044.


Can anyone tell me the year of manufacture and maybe an approximate value, It has been suggested to me that I should have it insured separately from my home insurance but I don't have a clue as to its value.


Up to now I've mostly been playing my Washburn and Fender (booo boooo I hear) but I have recently started to play the SG and have realised what I've been missing........its bloody lovely.


Any help with the above would be greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks

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Thanks fella, now I'm baffled as there is a label on the back of the head stating the guitar was "serviced" December 29 1983, either the label has nothing to do with this guitar or I need to dig a little deeper.


Thank you for your help.


Your guitar was made at the

Kalamazoo Plant' date=' USA

March 22nd, 1985

Production Number: 44


Says http://www.guitardaterproject.org/gibson.aspx


That it's som 1985 you can se by reading the first digit and the fifth.

Hope it helped..[/quote']

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