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Recent Price Drops on Robot LP?


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Greetings all,


I'm wondering if anyone has opinions or insight into the recent price drops on the Robot guitars? I'm thinking of buying one of the Les Pauls as a Wife-authorized Christmas present :) It doesn't seem typical of Gibson to knock $1000.00 off a sticker, so I'm treading cautiously. Are these being discontinued? Are they coming out with a better 3rd gen version? Appreciate your comments, theories, insight, whatever.




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If you look at eBay you'll see the resale market is only getting about $1400 out of them.


I owned one of the originals, it was a nice guitar, loved the feel, but hated the electronics.


I've played a couple others and found they don't tune as well as Gibson would like.


If you can snag one with neck binding for under $1400, you might be getting a reasonable deal, considering that's about where a normal Studio would be priced. Without neck binding, I wouldn't go more than $1000.


I'm personally waiting for Broken Down Robot's to hit eBay, score one cheap, and convert it back to a normal guitar.


Just my $0.02

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I can't comment on reliability...but I think the price drop is just to promote them as they are not selling.

Every higher end Gibson has jumped up in price $300 to $500 in the US; yet the Robots dropped down $1,000? Something isn't right. I highly doubt Gibson won't discontinue the Robot.


My local music store has had two purple ones (1 LP, 1 SG) since day one and they can't sell them.

They just got a silverburst LP, too. We'll see how long that one hangs on the wall for...

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