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Admin Locks only 3 selected forums


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Admin notified the purchasers of the Alex Lifeson ES-355 that he was locking the

almost 40 page thread .

He locked a total of three .

If Gibson is unwilling to fix any or all of the issues of a guitar ,

he claims " we are beating a dead horse " .

I say it is suppressing the most important detail.

That is the lack of attention to detail .

The lack of honesty of why or why not .

There really has not been an answer , yet why suppress some of the players issues ?

Actually the one that had the most issues of any guitar of the forums to date ?








Anyone find this Odd ?


The second post was about "frustration with artist models .

Some even posted other frustrations other than the one he said he was locking .

Check it out .

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its unfortunate that gibson made such a huge design flaw, and it is even more unfortunate that they arent willing to do everything and anything to maintain customer satisfaction, that should happen regaurdless if you bought a les paul, a lifesone 335, or a set of 57 classics


however it is my opinion that gibson isnt @ fault for whats happening, buying a guitar sight unseen is risky!

bad binding, bad tremolo arms, thoose should be replaced


the volute isnt a design flaw, thus it cant be covered by the builder



i really hope you can find a soultion, i feel bad for you guys


peace and love

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I guess the hardest part for me is I love the guitar . It sounds great and overall plays great .

"I can learn to co-exist with anything but Aiming Low "

The standards on this specific guitar are Low , I do not think they aimed for that but they did

a great job of hitting the centre of the target .


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