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2010 J45 Standard Bridge Pins Replacement

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Hi Folks. My J45 standard is now 1 year old and to celebrate, and put some icing on the cake, I would like to put a nice set of quality bridge pins to replace the damned plastic standard ones. Can anyone recommend a specific type or material please. I use 80/20 Elixir Nano 12's and am based in the U.K. but value all opinions. Will it make it much of a difference? What size do I need? I've included a link to a local lot who are selling on Ebay. What's the thoughts on these? Cheers.



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If you took a poll on this forum, the overwhelming percentage would favor bone bridge pins. They also have the advantage of not having CITES issues, which would make it impractical to import pins of US-legal ivory into the UK. Bob Colosi's pins and saddles are very popular here. I have them in my 000-28 EC, and really like them. I also have bone pins from Bryan England (custominlay.com)in my J-45. Chances are there are people in the UK that make comparable pins, but for many of us here, bone is the way to go.


Tonal changes may be subtle, but most agree that it is a cheap upgrade that in many cases yields a noticeable improvement in sound character.

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I don't know of a UK equivalent of Bob Colosi or any other maker.

When I was in the UK, most shop assistants looked blankly when asked for bone pins or saddle.

Even at the better stores. The ebony pins you see on e-bay look OK, but

for £18 I would want to know who made them, and where they are made.

Hand made in China could mean anything.

I agree that bone is the best way to go. I got bone pins from Stew Mac

the same price as the e-bay ebony pins.

They worked very very well for my 000-28, having a significant improvement in tone.

On my J-45, the difference was less noticeable, but still worth doing.

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Thanks for all the advice on this post. I'm now the new owner of a new set of bridge saddle bone pins from my friends Warther of Ohio. Fitted last night - between them and a nice new set of D'Adarrio EXP 12 gauge strings the J45 is ringing like a bell and has booming bass. Thinks I'll be upgrading the same on my D28. Recommended. Love this site.

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