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After many months of staring at the Epiphone Les Paul Custom Black Beauty and even almost desecrated my Gibson Custom trying to turn it into 3 Pickup Guitar. ill post up pics as soon i find my cameras charger... O.O... got a great deal on it 300 dollars with hard shelled case, came with the Seymour Duncan Slash sig in the neck and middle and it had Seymour Duncan 59 on the bridge... sounds and looks amazing very pleased. Time to Update my Signature Picture as well... :D

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My New/Used Guitar...










I cant find my Cameras charger which may present to be a problem in the future. I used my iTouch 4. Also what i recently Discovered is that this thing came with Schaller Strap Lock strap pegs... not the actual locks them selves but that's awesome cause my Les Paul has Schaller Strap Locks so i can just alternate the strap between the 2 Paul's... :D

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Well thank you very little,now you got me Gassin' for one right in the middle of my saving for a Ricky.You've put me in a tight spot pilgrim.


hahah sorry to hear about your little prediciment... i remember gasing for many guitars at once... it was heartache :P

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