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Is my Hound Dog Dobro USA made?

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It's a square neck, high nut Dobro with the round screen covered holes (not F holes). The serial number stamped on the top of the head stock is:


6 151 S 93 H


I believe it is a 1993 model. It has a hand written date inside of 2/28/93 but I cannot find the Country it was manufactured in anywhere.



post-36802-054989800 1319626444_thumb.jpg

post-36802-008292900 1319626502_thumb.jpg

post-36802-071004000 1319626512_thumb.jpg

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Should be 1993 indeed, made in Huntington Beach, California:


Regular Dobro production began in 1929 in LA. In 1932, production split to LA and Chicago. 1965 -Production moved to Gardena California. Shortly after (C. 1967), Dobro moved to Huntington Beach, CA. Gibson purchased OMI in 1993. In 1997, Gibson moved production to Nashville.

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