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new to the forum, love gibsons


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hey everyone, im 19, live in LA, been playing guitar for about 7 years


always loved gibsons


always loved SGs, way better than the overused Les Paul, but dont get me wrong the LP is a classic in every way.


owned about 12 different SGs



the one i play right now ive owned for 4 years and was custom built.


the neck was ripped out of a 1969 SG, the body was a new model, lots of workwork to make everything fit, i moved the neck into the body and made a custom pickguard and moved the bridge and stopbar 2 inches rearward.


its completely custom, i painted it bright white, but it has since been faded and chipped and abused and to me the best kind of guitar is one that looks like its been around the block







i have built at least 20 fully custom guitars, mostly for myself, some for family. i do it from beggining to end, including painting and polishing. im working on another SG right now as well, but i might end up selling that one.


i play blues rock, mostly stuff like howling wolf and especially the black keys and early captain beefheart, some hendrix and led zep but not much of that stuff, more into dirty electric blues, but NOT the overplayed 12bar clean kind like SRV.


thats pretty much it, ill be hanging around and checking out the music and cool guitars and stuff, nice to be here guys. :D/




edit, a little more detail. i ride a harley daily and it has one of the hardest clutches ever, so my fretting hand is pretty muscular and as a result i can use strings up in the 12s and thicker and bend them to high heaven with no problem, and becuase i use such thick strings i have this sg adjusted to where at any given point on the fretboard the string is less than a hairs width away from the frets with NO buzz, it truley is amazing to play. the pickups were stock gibson pickups from a standard SG, i think a brand new 2006, the guy swapped them out with something else. i modified them a little to get the tone i like out of them.


i may let the paint rot but i change the strings every few days and care for the wood and level and polish the frets every single time the strings are off, you might call it overkill, i call it keeping my pride and joy in the best shape it can be. i do the same to my motorcycles since i am a mechanic by trade.

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Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you really get into the nuts and bolts of your guitars. I'm with you on the SG. Its always been one of my favorites. Nothing wrong with a Les Paul, but the SG just suits me better. I also own 2 Strats and a tele that I like extremely well. The neck feel on the Strat is my favorite, but there is nothing like an SG for playing with distortion.

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It looks like you did a really nice job putting that guitar together. I bet it sounds amazing especially with 12 gauge strings. I may go back to 12s on my strat copy now that you mentioned it. I miss that painful satisfaction of bending a note one whole step up with those thick strings. Thanks for showing your guitar.

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