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Newtone strings ... wow!!


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finally switched off my factory string the other day...i went to the local guitar boutique and asked for gibsons...they didnt carry them (and had an air of contempt at the thought)..i told him i had a new j45...he grabbed a set of Newtone custom strings..said try these..it'll open it up. um ok. he said they we're "lights" but the package said "custom"..2 string were in fact 1/100th off from gibson light guage. anyway..looking at the pack i thought these were some sort of no name things...but i figured he knew what he was doing.


he did.


wow...i dont know how but putting these strings on fixed that annoying rattle i had on the A string since i got the axe (i now wonder if the factory stringing was shoddy..vibrating string ball maybe? thats sort of what it sounded like., coming from the bridge)


handmade in england by..elves i guess...the package touts them having a round core (i guess strings often have hexagonal cores..?).


anyway...they make my buttery j45rw even more butterier.

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Andrew, you're supposed to finish with the line:


I am in no way, form or fashion affiliated to, employed by or acting as an agent for.....


Newtone Custom Strings


.....and a contact details, like:-


Newtone Strings

11b Stainsby Ave



DE75 7EL

Office opening times are 08:00 - 12:30 daily, answer machine is available at all other times or you can email 24/7 and we try to reply with 24 hours.

Telephone +0044 (0) 1773 714409


and then see how long it is before they pull the thread.....:)

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I've tried them on a couple of geets ' date=' and find I lost a lot of volume when strummed. They have good tone and are well suited for fingerstyle but I wont be buying again.[/quote']



i jammed with them last night...it may be that they are not as loud as other strings (i can really say..they seem on par volume wise as the factory gibson strings) but the tone to me is far more important...and these have tone. plenty loud for singing with...and on stage it's mic'd or DI'd so volume isn't an issue for me.

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Only about one other area as subjective as strings, and we all know what that one is! I have tried Newtones. They are fine strings. I've probably tried every string brand made. As Murph knows, I was making my own brand of strings for about a year. Just became too expensive an endeavor. Having come full circle, I now go with the Gibson string type Gibson itself recommends for all my Gibsons. This has turned out to be a pretty universal way to go with all my guitars, be they acoustic or electric and/or Gibson or other. I put a ton of bucks into strings over many years only to arrive at the conclusion, a high end manufacturer such as Gibson, who makes their own strings, knows what sounds best on their guitars. It brought peace of mind to me on a longtime sore subject!


I still have some Newtones, even Selmers and my Kentucky Cave Country Products (probably even some, ACMES!). There is something noteworthy about the manufacturer of the instrument and, likewise, the strings on it each being of and by the same company that took the mystery out of it all for me. Good strings on a well made guitar will sound pleasant to the ear. And, we all have to find our favorites for certain. Man, it took me a long long time to come full circle and arrive back with Gibson strings!



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You know....I think on-line string vendors are now under the same restrictions as on line guitar vendors. They can only advertise "MAP" minimum advertised price. So now all string vendors prices are the same (can you spell anti-trust??) So any online vendors give good discounts on strings you can help me with???? Thanks!!!

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I ordered a buttload of strings a few weeks ago. Got 24 sets of Ernie Ball 10/46 for the gigging ES-339, and needed some fingerease and picks and for the hell of it ordered 10 sets of the Musicians Friend 80/20's for my J45RW. Just because they were so cheap (1.99) and a partner I had a few years back used their electric stings and they were hex core and said "Made In U.S.A. back then, so I figured they were made by D'Add, or Ernie, KCCP, GHS, whatever.


Nope. They are now Chinese. They are in a sealed plastic wrapper for the salty sea trip I'm sure, but will probably just sit in the drawer.


I wonder who else will repackage these Chinese Strings.



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