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what in what order


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I've been at this business for over 35 years, so I'm pretty well set in my arsenal. I can't really think of anything else I NEED, but of course there are a few "pieces" I'd like to have.


I've got:

Les Paul Standard




TB-1 Tenor banjo

A few Strats

Ovation Elite Acoustic

A couple of Silvertone Archtops

Dan Armstrong Plexiglass

Alverez Classical

Robin Bass


I've had and sold, given away or "lost":

'64 Firebird III

'75 ES-335

Two other Dan Armstrongs

Two Gibson ES-320

A couple of other Strats

5-string Banjo


I'm actually cleaning out the storeroom, if I haven't used or played it lately, it's time for it to go. I really can't think of anything I need at this point, but my appetite for "vintage" Gibson's always keeps me looking.

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Quote a cheep beer commercial: "It just don't get any better than this!"




Nice Surf Green Strats.


Anyway, here's my list:

PRS Custom 22 Whale Blue

Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst

Gibson Les Paul Standard Desertburst

Gibson Flying V, Ebony or Silverburst

Fender American Standard Strat Candy Cola, Maple Fretboard

Fender American Standard HSS Sienna Sunburst

Adamas W2097

Orange Rockerverb 50W combo or 50W Head/ 2x12


and in a perfect world, a PRS Modern Eagle 1/2 in Faded Jean Blue.

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What in what order?

Do you want left to right' date=' or right to left? O:)



Yep... love the stable, Tim!


So, the wife said "Where's the R7?"....




Well... here goes...


I want to take my 12 String to the luthiere for a complete setup. Never been done, and I've had it since the early '80s.

I want to take my Elite there too. Needs a new volume pot and a good professional setup.

I want to take the Les Paul in as well, after the Strat and 12 string.

I want to fix the pots on my Marshall Lead 12.



That's pretty much it. The wife has mentioned we have a 25th anniversary coming up... I might want to look into that Black Beauty... but.. I don't know. I am back to taking targets of opportunity O:)

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What I have so far;









Next on my list? A few of these from my favorite dealer.





Hey Neo how about the back wall? Or the right wall? Or the whole center section? Damn, Bob has way too many nice guitars, amps and stuff in there. Thats why I have been avoiding going in there, my wallet can't stand another $1,000 set of strings (hehehe, you know what I'm talking about).

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Well I guess the ones I'd add to my collection would be:


1.) Les Paul Goldtop 1956 RI

2.) Gibson Hummingbird

3.) Gibson SG Standard

4.) PRS Mira

5.) Gibson ES 330

6.) Gibson Dove

7.) Taylor T5

8.) Fender Eric Clapton Signature



Guitars I own:


Gibson ES 335 Dot RI

Gibson Les Paul Custom

Fender American Deluxe Telecaster

Fender 60th Anniversary Mexican Strat (souped up just a bit)

Washburn WI66PROG

Larrive D-O3WL Special Edition

Hofner Verythin Standard (Handcrafted in Germany...not a chinese copy)

Ibanez Exotic wood something or another (built in china...not a north american copy!)

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I'm not quite sure what the exact question here is but the ones I own are listed with my sig and at the top of my 'must have/will have' list are:


-Silverburst Les Paul Custom

-Firebird(specific model TBD)

-LP Goldtop w P.90s

-Single cut Les Paul Special(TV yellow)

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