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Top 15 Albums


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I'm very curious to see what you guys listen to.


No Greatest Hits or collections. Live albums are OK.


Here is my list which can vary slightly from time to time:


Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti

The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main St.

Cream - Disraeli Gears

Derek & The Dominoes - Live at the Filmore East

Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced

Black Sabbath - Master of Reality

The Who - Quadrophenia

Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bullocks

Joy Division - Closer

The Replacements - Tim

The Smiths - The Smiths

Gang of Four - Solid Gold

Mission of Burma - Vs.

Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power

Down - A Bustle In Your Hedgerow

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These are MY top 15 albums not The top 15 albums.

1.Big Jims Tango...Bennie Wallace

2.80-81.. Pat Matheny

3.New Rags...Jack DeJonettes Directions

4Super Trios...Mcoy Tyner

5.Electric Lady Land...Jimi Hendrix

6.Live at the Regal...BB King

7.Heavy Weather...Weather Report

8.Shoot out the lights...Richard and Linda Thompson

9.Impressions...Pat Martino

10.Stone Crazy ...Buddy Guy

11.Real Folk Blues... Howling Wolf

12.Bird..Savoy master takes...Charlie Parker

13.Mountain in the clouds...Miroslav Vitous

14.The Innermounting Flame...Mahavishnu Orchestra

15.Migus on Debut...Charles Mingus and Eric Dolphy

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No particular order,


Willie and the Poor Boys...........CCR

Parrallel Lines............................Blondie

Last of the Red Hot Burritos......The Flying Burrito Bros.

Nevada Fighter..........................Mike Nesmith

The Blue Ridge Rangers.............John Fogerty

Born to Run................................Bruce Springsteen

Carolina Dreams........................Marshal Tucker

Return of the Grevious Angel.....Gram Parsons

Sweetheart of the Rodeo...........The Byrds

Skip............................................Skip Battin

Moodance...................................Van Morrison

New Riders.................................New Riders of the Purple Sage

Nine Tonight...............................Bob Seger

Taking the Stage........................The Pure Prairie League

Blue Moon Swamp......................John Fogerty


All fun to listen to and I never tire of hearing them.

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Dam.... Wolf, you are making us work... How about the top 10


1. Led Zepplin I

2. Led Zepplin II

3. Sargent Peppers Lonely Hears Club Band

4. Close to the Edge, Yes

5. Are You Experienced, Jimmy Hendrix

6. Aqua Lung, Jethro Tull

7. Thick as a Brick. Jethro Tull

8. Hotel California, Eagles

9. Good Bye Yellow brick Road, Elton John

10. Black Sabbath, First LP


I may add more later...


Here are some more


11. Dark side of the Moon, how could I forget that one...

12. Crime of the Century, Super Tramp

13. Kansas

14. Boston

15. Mood Swings, Mood Food ( if you don't know this LP find look for it )

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Wow... only 15!! LOL Well, let me have at it and these are in no particular order:


1 .Dark Side of The Moon – Pink Floyd

2. Eat to the beat – Blondie

3. Layla and other assorted love songs – Derek and the dominos

4. Sam's Town – The Killers

5. I'm not dead – P!nk

6. Ramones – The Ramones

7. End of the Century – The Ramones

8. Never Mind The Bullocks - Sex Pistols

9. Still Life (Talking) – Pat Metheny Group

10. Murmur - R.E.M.

11. Riding with the King - B. B. King and Eric Clapton

12. August – Eric Clapton

13. Physical Graffiti – Led Zeppelin

14. A Fever You Can't Sweat Out – Panic at the Disco

15. The Wall – Pink Floyd


Now the Rest!! LOL

16. Learning to Crawl – The Pretenders

17. Last of the Independents – The Pretenders

18. My Generation – The Who

19. A Hard Day's Night – The Beatles

20. The W.A.N.D. (The Will Always Negates Defeat) – The Flaming Lips!!


That's it for now...



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I'm a little different...I don't have favorite albums. I have favorite bands and listen to all their CDs.

Even the CDs that aren't the greatest, I listen to them from start to finish.

Rage Against the Machine, Chevelle, Tool. By far, my favorite bands


Deftones, ACDC, Bob Marley, Doors, Godsmack, G 'N R, Beatles, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Hendrix, old Korn, The Hip, Pearl Jam, Zeppelin, Ramones, White Zombie, Rolling Stones, Seether, STP, Rise Against, even Nirvana. Audioslave & Sound Garden sometimes when I can tolerate Chris Cornell.


There's more I'm sure...

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1. Revolver Beatles

2. Pet Sounds Beach Boys

3. Abbey Road Beatles

4. Welcome Interstate Managers Fountains of Wayne

5. Nearly Human Todd Rundgren

6. White Album Beatles

7. Yellow Brick Road Elton John

8. Born to Run Bruce Springsteen

9. The Stranger Billy Joel

10. Boston Boston

11. The Cars Cars

12. Van Halen Van Halen

13. Graceland Paul Simon

14. So Peter Gabriel

15. Innervisions Stevie Wonder

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These lists are always tough. In no order:


Van Halen II - Van Halen


Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin

Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath

Back in Black - AC/DC

Blizzard of Oz - Ozzie

Fire of Unknown Origin - Blue Oyster Cult


Moving Pictures - RUSH

Abbey Road - Beatles

Live at the Fillmore East - Allman Bros

The Colour and the Shape - Foo Fighters

Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

American Idiot - Green Day (not chosen for politics, just music)

Appetite For destruction - Guns and Roses ( yeah I had to say it!)

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Not sure if you mean "what would you take to a deserted Island with you" or "what you are listening to now"...


...so I'm going with what I am listening to now, as it is MUCH easier!


In the order they last hit my CD player--


1. The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughn

2. Voodoo Child- The Jimi Hendrix Collection

3. Avenged Sevenfold- Avenged Sevenfold

4. Kiss-Alive

5/6. Selected tracks off Johnny Lang's "Lie to Me" and "Wander This World" ("Darker Side" and "Still Raining")

7. The Open Door- Evanescence

8. Heavy Horses- Jethro Tull

9. Troubador- George Straight

10. Rock and Roll Jesus- Kid Rock

11. The Essential Judas Priest

12. Led Zepplin- The Early Days/The Latter Days

13. The Broadsword and the Beast- Jethro Tull

14. Demon Days- Gorillaz

15. Fallen- Evanescence

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1. Pink Floyd-Meddle

2. Metallica-Kill em All

3. Black Sabbath-Paranoid

4. Slipknot-Slipknot

5. Pantera-Cowboys from Hell

6. Metallica-Ride the Lightning

7. Megadeth-Rust in Peace

8. Led Zepplin-The Houses of the Holy

9. Metallica-Master of Puppets







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Firewire - Larry Carlton

In Step - SRV

Friday Night in San Francisco - Al DiMeola, John Mclaughlin, Paco Delucia

Just One Night - Eric Clapton

See the Morning - Christ Tomlin

Offerings - Third Day

The Stranger - Billy Joel

Saphire Blue - Larry Carlton

Wish you were here - Pink Floyd

Frampton Comes Alive - Peter Frampton

Grand Central - Jeff Golub

All for you - Diana Krall

Business as Usual - Grant Geissman

The Yes Album - Yes

Chicago IX - Chicago

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In some kind of order, give or take a few spots


Zeppelin 2, Led Zeppelin

VanHalen, VanHalen

Appetite For Destruction, GNR

Bump City, Tower of Power

Zeppelin 4, Led Zeppelin

Bump City, Tower of Power

Electric Ladyland, Jimi Hendrix

Dr Feelgood, Motley Crue

Fandango, ZZ Top

Indianaola Mississippi Seeds, BB King

Pyromania, Def Lepard

Truth, Jeff Beck

Toys in the attic, Aerosmith

Kiss Alive

Get Ready, Rare Earth

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In no particular order - and may change tomorrow!


Rumours - Fleetwood Mac

Low - David Bowie

Quadrophenia - The Who

One More Car One More Rider - Eric Clapton

801 Live - 801

For Your Pleasure - Roxy Music

Pulse - Pink Floyd

Texas Flood - SRV

Raising Sand - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

Echoes Silence Patience Grace - Foo Fighters

Wild Wood - Paul Weller

Solid Air - John Martyn

Remain In Light - Talking Heads

Greatest Hits - The Band

Copperhead Road - Steve Earle


And if it were Desert Island Discs I'd have to include a version of Verdi's Requiem - the most moving piece of music I know.

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Do "Best of" albums or compilations count? I don't actually own a lot of original albums and utilized iTunes quite a bit. Assuming that they do, here's MY top 15 in no particular order...


Early Days - Best of Led Zep Vol. One

Latter Days - Best of Led Zep Vol. Two

Texas Flood - SRV

Couldn't Stand the Weather- SRV

Are You Experienced? - Hendrix

Best of - CCR

Nothing is Sound - Switchfoot

Learning to Breathe - Switchfoot

Best of - GnR

Best of - April Wine


hmm.... now it gets tough...


Stadium Arcadium - Chili Peppers

Best of - Chili Peppers

Billy Talent - Billy Talent

Two Lefts Don't Make a right.... But three do - Relient K

Five Score and Seven years ago- Relient K

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---no Greatest Hits albums plz.





... list all regular studio albums.



Ahh... crap... now I can't take Live albums either??? They have to be studio albums?





Derek & The Dominoes - Live at the Filmore East





You're like a woman... you keep changing the rules..... perhaps you should edit your first post and actually list the rules for posting in your thread....

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I think it's pretty simple. I said no greatest hits but didn't mention anything about live albums because I see that as a different situation.


This was supposed to be fun but I guess you can't handle it somehow Chan.


I'm like a woman, huh? **** off.

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