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SJ200 Scheduled For Surgery

John Lee Walker

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Well, much to the chagrin of some, and the delight of myself and a few select others, I have scheduled my SJ200 Modern Classic for surgery.


After much research and several conversations with my favorite techy, we have come up with what I think will be a nice system for my guitar. He is installing an LR Baggs iMix iBeam custom combo system, and it will be a hyrbid of sorts, an original system that he has installed in 2 of his own guitars (with the Remote Control II system) - an Emmy Lou and a Western Classic, both of which I have tried and I love the results. This system delivers unbelievable crisp clear amplification


Using the iMix/iBeam system, he uses his own elements, similiar to the Hotdot system, which is virtually invisible and sounds even better than the M1, and he has customized the battery retainer with a unique little compartment (hidden inside) with a ribbon-type pull to access the battery much easier. Also, he is bypassing the Remote Control II system with mix/tone and volume control knobs mounted on the front of the guitar ala the J160E style, with gold tone hat knobs (satisfying my obsessive compulsive knob disorder:) and also replacing the jack end pin with a flared one to accomodate strap retention. It will be exactly what I wanted, and then some. He even came up with a vintage 'Custom' truss rod cover for me. What a guy! Add the Colosi inlaid bridge pins and it will be complete:)


I know some of you are cringing by now, and I sense a great gnashing of the teeth, but our instruments are an extension of ourselves, both in sound, style, and appearance. After all, it's all about what makes you happy with your own guitar, and what makes you more comfortable. This makes my Modern Classic a unique and original instrument, unlike any other in the world, and it makes me happy.


Bottom line, isn't that what it's all about?


John Lee Walker


PS - decided not to go with the 'Obama '08' sticker har har

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Well said. Life keeps me cringing and gnashing sufficiently

without worrying whether everyone else is toeing some

imaginary line.

Sounds like you're enjoying that guitar.

FWIW, I think a campaign sticker might look real nice over

that fancy pickguard. After election day, a couple shots of WD-40

and she's gone.


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