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Duplicate serial number?


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Hi, Wonder if you can help with this. I have a 1996, 57 LP Custom Re-issue Black Beauty. I bought this brand new. I've just noticed a 2006 made one for sale, with what seems to be exactly the same serial number 7 6084. Mine has a gap between the 7 and the 6084, and so does the one for sale! How can this be possible?


Here's the link to the one for sale now




Hope you can help please.


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that's just the way our serialization system works on Historic guitars: the first digit is the year being reproduced, the 2nd digit is the year of production, which does unfortunately allow for duplicate numbers in years with similar last digits (1996/2006, 1997/2007, etc etc). Gibson has a long history of serial number duplication (as well as missing/skipped serial numbers), so there is precedent for it.

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