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gibson sg standard or the 61 reissue?


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I'd be happy with either, but I prefer the slim neck of the '61....which is why I got mine. Also like better the looks of the half pickguard and the sound of the '57s on the '61...guess you can swap them though. Anyhow...my vote goes towards '61.


BTW and FWIW, but I've had my '61 for a while. At the prices they are going for "new"now a days...LOL..I do belive I could learn to love the fatter neck on the Standards.

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Either way' date=' you can't go wrong. I've got a Standard and it's a great guitar.

Are those your only two choices? Custom Shop, anybody? :)[/quote']


R9, the custom shop is too much expensive..... but, if i have the money,one day i will buy that SG --> http://www.gibsoncustom.com/flash/products/designer/SGStandard/SGStandard.html


than mount a top stop-strings ( sorry i don't know the technic word) and change the humbuckers with a angus young configuration


so it can be my favourite guitar of all my life!!!

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Besides the obvious cosmetic differences (head stock, pick guard),

these guitars have different pickups. I believe Std comes with

498T/490R and RI with 57s. I like the 498T/490R better on SGs.

It's strictly a personal taste. Don't let anyone persuade you one way

or another when it comes to pickups. Also Std usually has 2 piece body

where as RIs is single piece (hence the higher price tag?).

I had a Std and now have a RI. I like both. The neck profiles don't

bother me that much. Unless you play 5 hours every day, it should

not bother you that much imho. I think Std has more robust neck joint.


I would get a Std (which is a lot cheaper) and upgrade it with a new

set of tuners and better pots.

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I had a standard for about a year, then sold it and bought a '61, because I liked the looks better, although they could have done the finish more accurately. (It looks like the finish on the standard, not bright and "orangy" like the original '61 LP/SG)Also, the contours or bevels are much nicer on the '61 I feel the tone is superior not because of the type of pickups, but because they are mounted solidly in the wood instead of suspended in the air by being mounted on the pickguard. I actually think Strats would sound better if the pickups were mounted in the would instead of on the pickguard! Same with Tele's with the pickup mounted to the tailpiece.

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Because of the slim taper neck, for me there was no question about it when it came time to buy an SG - the '61 reissue!

I also prefer the look of the small pickguard. Pups can always be changed, so don't base your decision on that.

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Rick, you're absolutely right...they are expensive. I just got one as a gift and let me tell you, it's unbelievable.

However, as with all guitars, not all of these (CS) Custom Shop SGs are.


I had G.A.S. for one a few months ago. I went to my local music store and they only had one in stock.

I tried it out, liked it and asked if I could take it home for a few days. Picture.

When I got it home, I compared it to my SG Standard and wasn't really impressed with it. First off, my SG is great!

That CS SG sounded a little better than my SG, it played a little better, and it weighed a little less.

All & all, not worth buying and returned it. I then read up a little on them and others said that there isn't much of a difference between a Gibson USA SGs and CS SGs. That was that and I didn't want one anymore.


My fiancé decided to buy me a guitar. (I know, like I needed another.)

We went to the music store last week, this SG was a new arrival, I tried it out and was flabbergasted by how well it plays and sounds! I also tried out another SG VOS, 2 SG Standards, 1 '61RI, a Firebird V, a V, Explorer, 2 ES-339s and a few Les Pauls. Hands down, the best guitar in the store. So, I brought it home and compared to my SG: it sounds a lot better, much easier to play and weighs a lot less than my SG. It's even giving a few of my LPs a good run for the money! Flabbergasted...I'm telling ya!


Nice try R9.

That's what I'm here for! :-s


But seriously, that's why I asked if those were his only two choices.

If deelaz is willing to spend (much) more on a SG, he should also look into these.

If $2.000, roughly the cost of a new 61RI is his limit then of course, the CS SG is out of the question.


The reason I keep mentioning these CS guitars is because people may not know there is a line within a line at Gibson. To some people, a Les Paul is a Les Paul...a SG is a SG. Small differences, plain and simple! They may not realize that Gibson sorts through their stockpile and has a higher end line of guitars.

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I agree with r9' date=' I personally don't find a great difference with CS and usa sgs, but LPs are a different story...[/quote']

I don't know about this.

Maybe not as vast as with Les Pauls, but there is....or can be...a great difference between a CS SG and a USA SG.

Like all guitars, you gotta find a good one, right? The one I got is just smokin'!

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Rick, to me it looks like the Angus is just a Standard with a few add ons and a different neck profile.

Probably the same wood used on a Standard, too...maybe I'm wrong.


My CS SG is easily 1 lb lighter than my SG Standard.

That may not seem like much, but the Standard feels like a truck now.

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If i was choosing between the 61 reissue sg and an sg standard, I'd go for the 61 anyday.


I used to have one of them. It was my favourite guitar, but it was stolen (uninsured) after a gig.


I saved up for months and finally had enough money to buy another (and then have change left over for a new amp head).


The store didn't have any in that day. I tried a standard and was gonna buy it until curiousity got the better of me. I decided to try a les paul standard which won me over and has been my #1 ever since.


But thats a story for antother day...

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