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Witch hat knobs


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For those of you who are as anal as me, I just want to share how I fitted some repro witch hat knobs that I installed on my Explorer.


When I initially installed the knobs they were sitting high due to the long shaft on the knob itself, they looked a bit like a toy to me so I took a 1/2" hollowing bit (or whatever you call those things, see pic) and shaved off the shaft of the knob.


The tip of the bit goes inside the shaft of the knob so it acts as a guide, then the wings of the bit shave the surround of the shaft to perfection, be carefull not to go too deep, the tip of the bit inside the knob shaft is about as long as the post on the pot.


Voilá!, the knobs will sit real tight without touching the body of the guitar.




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It was not hard to get it right at all. The key is to use a low power drill using a fairly low speed, I used my cordless in this case.


I did not apply much pressure either and left the wings of the bit do the shaving, make sure the drill bit is turning the right way and take it nice and slow.


The 1/2" is the perfect size since it will not damage the rest of the knob, all you have to be careful with is not going too far so I would recommend stopping, blowing off the shavings and seeing if the tip of the bit is not going through.

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