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As usual, I was at the local L&M (just picking up a couple adapters), then I saw the LP Studio 60's trib in HB.

as most of you know, I got the same guitar earlier this year, but damn. This one was pretty nice. it had a nice 2 piece back and pretty

sweet looking cap, and it played exactly like mine! [flapper] same price as well, I actually want to drop some cash on this, but I dont know why.

maybe it was the 2 piece mahogany that really sold me... [unsure] the neck looked cool, it had a super cool grain pattern,

I kinda got excited and disappointed at the same time, I wondered if they started making them again, but if they did, would it have a different fretboard?

it didnt look like it so I checked the serial and I think it was made late june or early july so I guess not.

*sigh* these guitar encounters are starting to scare me... [flapper]

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