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Les Paul Custom for Strat 60 Heavy Relic


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Someone has proposed me to trade my Les Paul Custom for a blond heavy relic Fender 60's Strat Heavy Relic Custom Shop.


I don't know what to do, I am more into strat right now and to be honest I prefer 10.000 times my Les Paul Trad than my Custom, totally in love with my Trad.

But on the other hand I own already 3 strats (a Clapton, a 2011 MIA std and a hotrod vintage 62).


Don't know

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No deal. I'm a big Stratocaster lover, and the CS Strats are very nice, but are pretty pricey. They are not always worth the premium, IMO. So I keep my eyes open for excellent production specimens, and I find them easily enough.


[Matter of fact, I traded a CS Strat for my CS ES 137 this year and kept two American Special Stratocasters from the initial production run. One of them has a AA or AAA flamed maple neck, and both of them play and sound as good or better than the CS Strat I traded. This is not to say the CS guitar was not a fine instrument: I just found it to be over-valued compared to the other two I acquired and kept.]


Now, if you can accept what I just said, then paying even MORE to have somebody else beat up a perfectly good guitar makes no sense at all to me. I would hold onto the custom until a better opportunity presents itself.


My $0.02/FWIW



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I think I have never really like the Custom I mean I like the look, but it is so heavy, that's why my first idea was to trade it for an R8 or an R9 even if should add money, but it seems that in Belgium everyone wants to keep their R8 :(

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