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I thought it would be cool to have a thread for the DIY'ers here to post some of their guitar related DIY projects.


I've been slaving over a hot soldering iron this past week or so. I finished building a pedal for Jeff-7 (which I won't post), built a slightly modded Fulltone OCD clone, a Zvex Woolly Mammoth clone, and a Big Muff based mainly on the "Civil War" Muff, with a few cap values of the green Russian Muff thrown in and a mids control (waiting on a couple parts to finish the Muff).


I'll post pics soon. Just wanted to post this thread before I forgot about the idea haha

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All your builds look great especially some of the pedals. I am also making a few pedals but I decided to go a different way and I am making mine upside down in the enclosure so that I can custom buil

Thanks Damian!   Added the LEDs to that dual dirt/boost pedal and took one last pic before I sent it away   Sounded so great with my SG!

Yes, it is 4Site electronics. Most enclosures you can buy I think just a minimum of 10. It's when you get into knobs where you have to buy 50, or resistors where its around 200 I think.   Like Dub s

Posted Images

Some guts n graphics.. (psst notice the sweet looking Russian germaniums between the boxes)


sorry for the terrible lighting and picture quality. It's dark and my iPhone camera sucks.

The guts right there are that OCD clone. It sounds really awesome. It has kindof a slightly "chewy" sound that I dig.


I'm going to wire it to be switchable between standard clipping and LED clipping but as it is here it's basically a standard OCD with a different pot value for the gain control. The gain control has a bit less gain on tap but a bit better control over what gain is there. It has more than enough gain for what I want it to do.

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Haha! Now that's a workhorse! Hey, what's that aluminum foil cylindrical looking thing? Looks like something I smoked Hash out of 25 years ago B)




Helps get me that fabled smoky "Brown Sound"..........[tongue][blink][wink] ....

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When I bought this it was a 97 Les Paul Studio with an EMG Zakk Wylde pickup set in it and all black hardware. I yanked the pickups and put them up on Ebay. Installed gold Gibson Dexule tuners, gold humbucker rings and a gold adjustable BadAss bridge. For guts I installed a set of my Obsession Bolero humbuckers and wired them up to their own volume pots skipping the tone pots that I never use.



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