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Line 6 M9 vs. Line 6 Pod HD300 vs Digitech RP500


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I'm looking into investing in a multi effects processor.I can't decide between-

-Line 6 M9 Stompbox modeler

-Line 6 Pod HD 300

Digitech RP 500

I want something that I could use for recording into garageband, and in a live setting.


I really like the Line 6 M9 because, it seems simple to use, and I like the fact that effects are organized so that only one effect from each section can be on at once, and you don't have to do a pedal tap dance to switch between a clean and a distortion, to switch one on and the other off, in a song. Also, if you make adjustments to presets they automatically save themselves. Do I need another audio interface to record into my mac since this doesn't have one?


The Line 6 Pod HD 300 seems more complicated with bank switching. Does anyone know if the HD 300 has the same function as a M9 in that if you turn one effect on the other goes off, eliminating the tap dance? I like that it comes with an expression pedal, and has a USB connection.


I had a Digitech RP 55 before, but wasn't really fond of their setup.


I would really appreciate it if I could get some input on this. My main concern is being able to switch effects in the middle of a song with just the stomp of a switch, and direct recording.


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I can't help you much as I don't have any experience of the models you're considering. I've used Digitech stuff in the past and found it good sounding and reliable. I currently have use of a friends Boss ME70 which is the best I've heard at the price IMO. Line6 I've always found a bit "meh" and brittle as far as sound goes, others will feel different. Even so, it seems to me that all the models you've mentioned, and the Boss, have at least four user presets available at a time (plus the bank changes) so I have to ask how many times you'd need to change presets in a live set. For example, I could do a whole nights gig in a covers band with four presets available at one time and you could always change banks between sets of songs. For my money, I'd be looking at sound quality first (what sounds best to you) and then try and work around any switching limitations.


You won't need an audio interface to record guitar as long as your Mac has an audio input (switchable to line). You just need to point your software to where the sound is coming in. I've had issues with audio over USB but I've never had trouble using the line inputs on my M-Audio soundcard. I'm a PC user so I can't go further with that but I'm sure a Mac user will jump in here.


Hope that helps a bit.

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