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Thanks for the idea Morkolo. [thumbup]


Te poll was going to be 2 questions but then I realized there are just too many comic publishers out there and it was impossible to get all the important/significant ones on a short list.


I buy from Marvel, well used to, it's been a year since I bought a comic book. I used to buy Image comics and some from DarkHorse, I never cared much for DC comics.


BTW the poll is multi-choice.

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there is a fortnightly publication over here in england called "the marvel collection", my mother buys it for my 7yr old son and has done so for the last 5 yrs or so.


you get the mag and a figurine, we've kept them all in the packaging and there's only a few more issues to go...we are up to about 170 issues so far.


i may put them on ebay to fund a case of vodka #-o



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I haven't collected in many years, but at one point I was a huge fan of Marvel comics. I never collected any DC comics because I just never found their characters very interesting. The closest I ever came to liking a DC comic was Batman. Gotham is a pretty dark and cool looking place, and the artwork can be pretty good, but I just can't get past the dorky villains.


I really liked the mutant characters and story lines. I collected all the "X" titles in the late 80's - early 90's (X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, Excalibur etc). I also collected Wolverine, Thor, Iron Man, Avengers (East and West), Spiderman, Savage Sword of Conan as well as many one-off titles that never amounted to anything. Later on in the late 90's, I got into Witchblade and Battle Chasers.


I still have boxes of comics stored away in the basement. I know I have some valuable comics in there, but I'll hang on to them for now.

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