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GAS! i'm gonna pull the trigger!!!!!!

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I find it funny how this past year I've had an extreme gas attack for guitars. When I was younger, it was about 1 guitar a year. Then 3 years ago I got my SG and went 2 years without thinking of other guitars... then this past year I bought one every 6 months starting with my Gretsch, then my LP, and most recently my Strat.


Now I don't have so much gas for guitars, but I find myself gassing for amps. particularly low wattage tube amps... whether it's a 5 watt amp like a champ or a high gain head like the Jet City JC20.


I even find myself drooling over a 4x12 cab even though I don't have the space for it... I can't justify a 4x12 at all. It's just going to make my rig louder when it's already loud enough, but I find myself gassing for it anyway.

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