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Anybody shopped there? I've seen their stuff on youtube and since I live across the other side of the world, just wondered what it's like there and if what their gear is like. They had a dude playing a '57 Les Paul Gold Top and it gave me such a bad case of GAS, but I'll just have to wait until I can get over to L.A. sometime. Anyway, just curious to know if anyone's bought guitars or amps and what price and service is like?

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I've purchase a Les Paul there, when I first got back into "playing," after

a 30 year hiatus. Norm was cool! Gave me a great deal...but, it was a new

(2000) Les Paul, not one of his many "Vintage" guitars. Those, are strictly for

the "well healed," and/or "Rock Stars!" There may be a "bargain," that way,

now and then, but not as a rule, on the Vintage stuff. Probably "Fair Market

prices," but certainly not "cheap!"


Still, it was a good shopping experience, and a "kick" to see all those great

Vintage guitars...that I couldn't afford! [thumbup][biggrin]



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I've purchased a couple of guitars and amps there. The last one was a Gibson Les Paul Custom. I remember when the shop was at Vanowen and Tampa at the heart of the San Fernando Valley. Norm and his son Jordan pretty much runs the store, but that place has all the vintage gear you can shake at. Norm gives great deals as well. When you come in the store, you don't know who might just come walking in. Check out his youtube channel. They always update it every week.



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