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I dunno Dave. Does a guy your age really need flames on his guitar? I think you could spend your $ more wisely. Just my 2 cents.


Didn't say I was gonna buy it... I was just diggin it. If you look at the specs its a really nice guitar... Solid, no weight relief, long nech tenon.. Burst buckers 1 and 2...etc


I'm pretty sure my next purchase will be the 59 anniversary whenever that come out..... and what do you mean a guy my age...??? WOW AM I LIKE AN OLD MAN OR SOMETHING???

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Oh' date=' I'm old too, I thought most regulars knew that. I'm just a few years behind Dave. I didn't mean to insult you! Sorry man. :D


I edited my original post. Again, I apologize. [/quote']


No problem... I knew that. It was just kinda like when some kid called me sir for the first time... and that was years ago, many years ago... Just throws you for a loop. Music keeps me young anyway... :D


Your edited post sounds much better though...

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