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When I went to pick up my Gibson up in Lawrence this afternoon I went to hang out with my great uncle Archie, we got to talking music and he went downstairs and showed me his collections of accordians, guitars, and basses. We even sat down and played a few numbers. I was pretty amazed at the skill of this 86 year old man and it was just as great to spend an afternoon with him as going to pick up my new (old) acoustic. He had just had his second round of bypass surgery after a recent heart attack, but he still wanted to play!


Here is a short documentary he told me about on youtube that was made about him.




I know this is probably up very few people's alley but I figured a couple of you might enjoy it a little.

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Very cool! msp_thumbup.gif


My grandfather was an accordion player. I remember him playing Italian music on his accordion whenever we would have family get togethers. When he passed, I got one of his old accordions. It's from the 60's and it's not very big, nor is it in great shape. But it is still fun to get out and mess around with sometimes. I'm reminded of my grandfather and the great music he used to play every time I take it out of that musty old case.

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