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Which high end Gibson strap is best?

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Just got a new Les Paul Custom. I have a leather Planet Waves strap, but find its not comfortable for the Lester as its too thin and not very wide. I want to invest in a high quality strap and like the look and feel of leather. (no jokes please!). I am 5'8" and like to have my guitar around waist high (not slung low) and find most standard leather straps without an adjustable buckle sit too low. Gibson has three nice straps over $100 that I am considering. Anyone used the Fatboy, Modern Vintage or Switchblade? Switchblade sounds cool in theory, but not sure if it looks very nice in real life. Modern Vintage looks like a classic strap, which is a good thing. Not sure if Fatboy is worth the fat price unless you are playing shows all the time. Anyone have any experience with these straps?

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Just to throw my penny in...


I use Levy's, in particular the MSS3 strap. Nice and wide, so it's comfortable even with the heavier LP's. Made of suede leather and comes with piping (strap binding as I like to think of it [wink] ) top quality stuff.

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For some inexplicable reason, getting a comfortable strap with adjustment can be really difficult...


I always end up boring extra holes in leather straps to get them short enough... :blink:


Favourites are the relatively narrow ones with 'buckle' adjustment over many holes


With a wider sliding sheepskin shoulder pad...


I have 4 trimmed to individual guitars... [thumbup]





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I bought the modern vintage strap earlier this year and it's definitely made it a lot easier for me to play my 2003 Les Paul Standard. I have suffered for years with the weight of the guitar (I'm 5' 9" at 150 lbs) and this has almost made it tolerable. No way I could ever play this guitar for an entire gig, however.

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I have a bunch of LEvys and a few Dr. Blues, one of my les pauls is close to 10bs, and that one has a levy strap


But I checked out some of the Gibson offerings found on Musicians Friend,,




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