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A Fishman and a Bird'


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I thought Id post a couple clips from our little gig last night.


Mainly because as some of you may have read I recently morphed my CW into a Hummingbird, and in particular noticed a significant tone change when adding the thicker HB pickguard. The CW's highs and brightness were cut back and that honey glaze tone arrived, well, to my ears anyway. You can be the judge, to me it sounds very much like a Bird, smooth, warm, not overly bright.


Also, I remember Jinder was frustrated with his Fishman Rare Earth pickup, hence this is a sample using the Fishman Rare Earth Blend. I find this pickup delivers a very natural, warm tone, I blend 50% humbucker and 50% microphone for optimum tone. Im personally very happy with this pup.


I picked a couple songs that have some picking, some strumming, soft and hard and a bit of lead work to give you wide range. Sorry for the poor lighting, I forgot to change the setting from our last gig which was in a pretty bright environment.


Anyway, very happy with my new Bird' and very happy and recommend the Fishman Rare Earth Blend if you are looking for a non intrusive soundhole pickup.



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