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Hey Mike, I just wanted to ask if it would be ok if we made a little battle of the teles here in the of toppic area... I know I know... they are not gibson... but lots of gibson lovers love teles as well, and own them.


Can we? Can we? (please say yes... we'll behave...)

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No it cant.


(and you should see Wolffs tele... that one is awesome...)



I hope Mike sayis it is ok... then we can have our little f----- fest here, I would hate to have to go to the f---- forum... I dont like that place...


So we have Oilpit's Tele, my Tele, and Wolf's Tele... anyone else?

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I know Jesse has one, and Neo(?)

Anyway, I really am convinced that my Tele is the sweetest unmodded one out there.


Classic Tele single in the bridge and a Duncan mini bucker in the neck.


Thunder, you should take out that lame neck pup that all Standard Teles come with and put in a Burstbucker 1






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Of course you can....... I own a Stratocaster, and love my 1978 Fender Precision Bass more than almost any other bass I've ever played, though I admittedly will reach for my Jack Casady Epiphone Bass for more recording gigs because of its round, warm tone. I'm in the market for a rosewood fingerboard MIM or Japanese Tele, too.


Hey Mike' date=' I just wanted to ask if it would be ok if we made a little battle of the teles here in the of toppic area... I know I know... they are not gibson... but lots of gibson lovers love teles as well, and own them.


Can we? Can we? (please say yes... we'll behave...)[/quote']

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I own a Tele and I love it. I also own a Strat and it's ok too. They are great guitars and I don't see them as "competition" since Gibson Les Pauls and ES 335s don't sound like Fenders and Fenders don't sound like Gibsons. The manufacturers compete, but in my happy little world, there is plenty of room for both.

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Wolff wins........


BTW what kind of pup is that in the neck?


Victory is mine!


Here is the full description of my Tele from when I bought it:


1952 Keith Richards Signature Edition


Fender Japan Custom Shop '52 Telecaster

Special Edition' date=' Solid Brass Bridge (Chrome Plated), GOTOH Tuners


1. Body - Ash with a see-through butterscotch blonde finish

2. Neck - Chunky C-Neck , Maple , Vintage Frets - This one has a very deep, dark amber "aged nitro" tint -- the nicest I've ever seen on a Micawber!

3. Bridge - Very special, SOLID Brass bridge, chrome plated - machined from a block of brass, with six solid brass saddles -- This bridge makes an incredible difference to the tone of this guitar, each note has ASTOUNDING clarity and definition!

4. Pickups - Fender Humbucker in the Neck, Traditional Vintage Single Coil in the Bridge. Please note, that I have heard from various sources (although I cannot confirm this) that the pickup used in the neck position of this guitar, is a Gibson PAF '57 reissue humbucker -- I would not be suprised, the Fender Japan Custom shop uses Fender USA, and Fender Custom Shop pickups in many of its guitars, so it does not seem out of the question, and once you plug it into an amplifier, well, there is almost no mistaking that Gibson humbucker sound....

A note on these pickups/bridge configuration: This guitar sounds remarkable, in fact, it is perhaps the best sounding and most versatile guitar I have ever played. I tend to find neck humbuckers to be slightly muddy, and without clarity in the neck position, but in this particular installation, the neck humbucker gets remarkable note clarity, with lots of brilliance ... and sustain? Incredible! Its better than a Les Paul in this instance.

I think this particular model has truly captured what it takes to get amazing humbucker tone from a Tele -- take an Ash body, add a neck humbucker, and then add a SOLID BRASS BRIDGE! The bridge is remarkably "Alive" It is a remarkable experience to play both clean and dirty, lead and rhythm, all through one pickup, all on the same setting, and get such versatile tones.

You will not be disappointed -- this guitar is a hidden gem! I could not tell you why Fender USA does not offer this bridge, but take advantage of it -- I can gaurantee that you will be pleased beyond your wildest imagination!

5. Pickguard - Single Ply Flat Black

6. Headstock Logo - 50s Spaghetti Logo

7. Tuning Keys - GOTOH Tuners (High end, excellent tuning stability)

8. Neckplate - 4 Bolt, F Stamp

9. Neck Shape - C-Neck

10. Case - Comes with Factory Gig-Bag and High End Fender Guitar Cable --




...I have many more photos for the contest thread.

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Ok a Tele contest huh, some nice guitars here can I play heres my votes


Wolfe beautiful guitar and I'm guessing it plays great at least mine does and it's the same model!




Surfpup - Something to be said for your rosewood neck model, here's mine




1982CARLPEMGS - the Kramer is sweet and there a real player here's mine




Even make a sweet semi hollowbody the 73 thinline another nice player with distinctive sound




and like I said the 60th Anniversery model even has a diamond inlay and a great case my favorite Tele Case






Hell they even make a tele for when you want to play acoustic




KSDADDY your original is pretty darn sweet also to compete with that I'd have to open a few cases and wait for sunshine...


](*,) :D/ #-o

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Wow! Let me first say that I find it INCREDIBLY COOL that there's not a huge SLAG OFF on the "bolt on" neck display of instruments here in this thread. Kudos to the admins and members...that shows the CLASS OF THE GF Members.


Additionally, I'm seeing a lot of really fantastic instruments in this thread! Thanks to everyone who has contributed and shared thus far...cause I'M DIGGING IT!


RETROSURFER 1959 - I've been dying to ask...ever since I noticed your Avatar...do you have your collection posted somewhere for public viewing...cause I'd really like to check out your full collection. Looks KILLER! Thanks for the kind comments in regards to my EE SC3 Mutt...I can't wait to get it all together so I can PLAY THE HELL OUT OF HER! ](*,)


I really like what you've done w/your "Kramer Classic", as those are fine undervalued guitars in their own right. The mods you did are very tasteful and fullly add to the geetar's vibe. Very nice. Great collection of guitars BTW! Big THUMBS UP!


Also have to ask...how do you like your VOODOOO LP?


GUITARJUNKIE - Cool "Paisley" & "Floral" Teles...always been a couple of my favs!

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