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push in strap button gibson lg-2


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I have an old gibson 1948 lg-2 acoustic guitar that was handed down to me from my Grandfather some 27 years ago. I was probably too young for it when I got it, even though back then I didn't think so. I have always treasured it but over time I have lost a couple of parts to it. I lost the label out of the inside with the serial number on it I think with a vacuum attachment....stupid... and I am missing a black plastic bridge pin. and also the strap button on the butt of the guitar bottom. There is about a 1/4" hole there and was wondering if I can still get one of those push in strap buttons that would be close to the original. After all these years I am finally trying to get this thing playable again which I will go into later. Does anyone know about this???Were all gibsons like this in that era??

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